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Ordering Interior Storm Window Kits

What is Included:

interior storm figure 1
Fig. 1: Storm next to window sash.
model credit: Topher Belknap

Measuring your windows

Once you have decided where you want you interior storms to sit, the windows will need to be measured carefully. The thermal benefit of the interior storms depends on the fit to the windows. Measurements should be made to the nearest 1/16" of an inch. Each measurement should be done at two places (say the top and bottom of the window for width). Write down both measurements, for both width and height (in that order) for each window. Also write down a label for the window, so that the interior storm windows can be reliably replace in the proper windows every year. We will add the label to the backside of the window. If you want interior storms on the outside of the window trim, as in fig. 3, measure the window as before, but include the amount you wish to have overlap on each of the edges. And be sure to tell us.

We can come to your house and do all the measuring for you, for a fee based on the distance between your house and us.

Note: Window with either dimension exceeding 4' (or 5' in the case of triple pane interior storms) will require a cross-brace to ensure stiffness. If the window exceeds that in both dimensions, multiple cross-braces will be needed. Additionally, window for which the shortest dimension exceeds 39 inches, will also require a cross-brace. If there is a particular placement of the cross-brace that you want be sure to note that down.

The Materials

We can build interior storm kits out of any wood, but in the interest of economy, we generally use either select grade pine with very few knots, or bright white primed pine. We can also match your existing trim-work in either wood or paint at an additional cost.


We price on a basic time and materials basis. Most double pane windows will cost between $20 - $50 for primed wood, and $20 - $40 for select pine. For more exact prices and options, contact us for a quote.