Simple, standards compliant websites

Web pages can be simple and still effective. However, overly complicated websites drive viewers away through long load times or aggravating interfaces. I produce simple websites that can be read by everybody regardless of their browser choice or physical capabilites. Being simple also means they are cheap to produce.

I am often asked to update websites, and find them bloated with unneeded formating. Cleaning this up can be done with little or no changes to the actual look of the site. By removing the formatting to a stylesheet, where only one copy is needed, and keeping the content simple, not only does the download time decrease markedly (often by over 50%), but also the site becomes easier for the owner to make simple changes for themselves.

Topher Belknap
Green Fret Web Design
Edgecomb, ME
Phone: (207) 882-7652

Samples of my work

When evaluating website design, be sure to vary the size of your browser window, in order to see how good the design looks on different people's screens. You might also want to look at it in a lynx viewer to see how it will look to search engines and the blind. The most important visitors to your website are the search engines, such as Google. It is what they see which will determine whether people even find your site. If important information is contained in a picture 'in order to make it look nice' (to the designer), it will be lost forever to the search engines.

TIE Security Front Page
TIE Security Systems

TIE Security Systems

The objective here was to translate a brochure into a web page. The design takes its feel and graphics from the brochure, but make it more in the paradigm of the internet. The overall layout and fonts were made to match the existing three-fold print version.

Butterfly Upholstery Front page
Butterfly Upholstery

Butterfly Upholstery

This website is currently in production. I am waiting for some content from the owner. The graphics on this site are examples of free clip art that can be found on the web.

Green Fret Consulting Front Page
Green Fret Consulting

Green Fret Consulting

This is another enterprise of mine, a consulting firm for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in house building. This site is quite extensive, but the whole site look is contained only in stylesheets, and can be changed easily across the whole site.

I produced all the graphics for this page with the exception of the w3c banners, and a couple of house pictures.

There is an example of java script on this page (it calculates a measure of house efficiency).

Midcoast Green Collaborative
Midcoast Green Collaborative

Midcoast Green Collaborative

Here is a site I designed for a local green advocacy group, that I am a member of. I also designed the logo, I am rather proud of this design. This was volunteer work, take a look as we are doing some interesting stuff.

This is an example of the three column websites that are very prevalent these days. It is a good format for getting lots of disparate information across quickly. Unfortunately most sites accomplish it by setting fixed widths for the various columns, which make it irritating if you don't have the same size computer screen as the designer. In contrast, this site will adjust to look reasonable in almost any screen size.

CiMerc Front page
Cimerc Bioterrorism Forum

CiMerc Bioterrorism Forum

This is the front page of a site that I worked on, in collaboration with Information Technology Consulting. It is a secure discussion forum for The National Bioterrorism Civilian Medical Response Center. CGI is used to allow members to write, view, edit, and respond to, messages on various topics of interest, or send private e-mail to members (whose e-mail addresses they don't know). Administrators, can add or delete members and topics.

CiMerc has requested that I disable the link to the mockup of this page.