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Green Building Links

Humanure Handbook

The book most likely to save the planet. No, really, it will rearrange your thinking. The entire text is available for free download, so no excuses for not reading it. I have bought at least 5 copies.

Pattern Language

One of the most influential books on architecture; in fact, it influenced computer programming. Much of the content requires $5/month registration; The book is a better deal.

Home Power Magazine

The current issue is available for free download in PDF format (registration required). Examples of renewable energy systems of all types complete with wiring diagrams. Somewhat repetive.

Mother Earth News

"The orignal guide to living wisely"

The Last Straw

"The International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building"

Maine Solar Homes Tour (Oct 2, 02010)

Part of a national tour. My thoughts on what I have seen.

Midcoast Green Collaborative

An organization (of which I am a member) which promotes green living and green business in the midcoast region of Maine. They organize a yearly green energy expo, and promote other green activites.

Concepts for Sustainable Living

Some interesting ideas. I especially like the capacitor as a replacement for a truck battery. (Sun Frost Refrigerator Commercial site)

Outdoor Combustion Air (pro)

Outdoor Combustion Air (con)

Two sides of a controversy on outdoor combustion air for fireplaces.

Building Green on a Budget.

An article from environmental building news with more ideas for building green and saving money.

Building and Life Cycle Costing

Canadian building Digest article on life cycle costs.

Low E is NOT created Equal

Different Lo-e coatings have different characteristics, particularly with regards to solar heat gain. Get the right lo-e for your climate.

Solar Calculators

Calculate on yearly or monthly basis the sunlight which will hit a surface, variables include latitude and orientation.

Green Home Building

Lots of information.

Malcolm Wells - Architect

Proponent of underground building.

Building With Awareness

Ted Owens' design and building of his own straw bale house.


has Do-It-Yourself materials for radiant heat and solar water applications. Irritating web site, but worth the aggravation.