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Our Covid-19 Policy

As a company interested in sustainability, our first concern is health and well- being, of the planet, of our clients, and of our employees. So in this uncertain time, we have created this policy to try to ensure that we will reduce any risk of infection to the minimum possible. For audits, this means the following conditions will be adhered to at all times.

Audits and Other On-Site Consulting

  1. Any employee (or client) who feels they may be infected (or has tested positive in the last 60 days) will not be involved in the audit process.
  2. Masks will be worn by all employees and clients for the duration of the audit.
  3. Children must not be present during the course of the audit, and while a homeowner being present is important to the process, we ask that it be only a bare minimum of occupants (the most knowledgable about the energy performance of the house).
  4. All participants will maintain a 6 foot distance at all times during the audit.
  5. Employees will wash their hands before, and after the audit, and at any time where contamination might have occurred. Employees will make a conscious effort not to touch their faces or masks.
  6. All tools will be cleaned as much as possible before the audit, and will always be kept in the possession of an employee, and contacted to surfaces of the home as little as possible (though some is unavaoidable due to the nature of the tool and audit).
  7. Preliminary communication will happen before the audit on a remote communication system. For example, we normally ask for the client to gather energy bills so that we can add that information to the energy model. In this time, we ask that the information be sent via email or similar. We need oil use in gallons, propane or gas amounts, firewood estimates, electricity kWh; preferrably monthly, but at least by year, for up to 5 years into the past.
  8. Audit reports will be delivered remotely as well, email being preferred. Payment can be made either by check after delivery of the report, or by credit card over the phone or email.

Thank you for your understanding, and for making this process as safe as possible for all involved.